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Suffering with a Cold Sore? We Can Help!

A cold sore is a blister that forms on or around the lips and is usually caused by HSV-1. Most cold sore sufferers aren't exactly sure when they first encountered the virus because HSV-1 is usually contracted early in childhood.

During a cold sore outbreak, which often occurs after you have experienced one of the cold sore triggers, the virus "wakes up" and infects the skin cells in or around your lip or mouth, eventually becoming a visible and contagious sore.

Recognize the Signs of an Outbreak and Call for an Appointment
Don’t be fooled by a sneaky cold sore that’s contagious even before you even see it. When you feel that tingling, itching, or burning on or around your lips, it’s go time. Take the same precautions you would as if there was actually a visible cold sore.

Did you know?

  • Cold sores can last as long as 2 weeks!
  • If treated at the onset of symptoms, laser treatment can shorten the duration to only 3-4 days!
  • Treatment can help ease painful blisters or other uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Just call the office and let us know you need a laser appointment.

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  LightbulbDid you know?

There is no over-the-counter treatment that can shorten the healing time of a cold sore.

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