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With a digital chart, radiographs and camera’s we can provide our patients with the latest and greatest dental services that they deserve in these times.

We are very excited to offer CEREC technology, which we deliver to our patients on a daily basis. Dr. Sorrento and his staff continue to spend countless hours training and perfecting this new digital artform. 

Here are some of the technologies we are proud to offer our patients:

BirdCEREC Technology
CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC technology can provide you with any number of porcelain restorations in just minutes, rather than having to wait weeks and return to the dentist office multiple times. Click here to learn more>

CEREC Technology

BirdOdyssey® Diode Laser
The Odyssey® Diode Lasers are dentistry’s most user-friendly soft tissue lasers to date. This laser features the latest and finest laser technology for smooth, precise tissue modification.

The Odyssey laser promotes quick healing for infected and irritated tissues. Since there is a favorable response to laser treatment, the resultant healing is less complicated and often shorter when compared to traditional techniques. In many cases, the laser can also be used to treat deep gingival pockets that harbor bacteria and cause gum disease. An additional benefit of dental diode laser technology is its ability to reduce the pain and longevity of cold sores and fever blisters.

Cold Sore Treatment for Patients: Learn more>

BirdDigital X-rays and Intraoral Cameras
Using digital X-rays and Intraoral Cameras provides Dr. Sorrento with sharp, clear images right on our computer screen in real time, requiring just a fraction of the radiation of traditional film X-rays. Dr. Sorrento is able to explain your diagnosis and show the problem without ever leaving your side. This makes it much easier for patients to understand the recommended treatment.

BirdDigital Dental Chart
Sorrento Dental has incorporated digital dental chart technology to further promote faster and easier communication between our staff and our patients. With a focus on being green, using digital technology has taken over the days of the paper chart. Patient information is now stored digitally and is integrated with the other technologies in the office, allowing us to retrieve your dental images and records in real time.

BirdEmail Communication and Appointment Confirmations
Our new office software now gives us the ability to give our patients a choice regarding their communication preferences. We now have the ability to communicate via email and send appointment confirmations via email should you prefer to receive them using this method.
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